Expectation // Reality

Te tomará más tiempo del que crees.

If U expect lose, U will tend to lose
If U expect win, U will tend to win
If U expect never lose + always win, U will lose
If U expect hardly lose over time + mostly win over time, U will always win over time


The highest activity a human being can attain is learning for understanding, because to understand is to be free.

Baruch Spinoza

Don’t debate people in the media when you can debate them in the marketplace.


You cannot see your reflection in boiling water. Similarly you cannot see the truth in a state of anger. When the water calms, clarity comes.

Days & weeks of volatility usually beget more volatility

Days & weeks of trend usually beget more trend

Days & weeks of seasonal analogs beget more seasonality

Once conditions identified, one has to adapt to the environment quickly & not come out of it so fast.


Edge development:
1) Perceive pattern
2) Hindsight (Fine 5+ instances of pattern)
3) Replay day /w pattern
4) Identify conditions/parameters (time? high/low vol/volume?)
5) Set strategy rules for pattern
6) Test strategy
7) Refine/advance the setup


Markets seldom go from bull to bear but rather from bull to a trading range.


Jim Dalton

Structure precedes execution.

No structure predicts execution, acting on it depends on who’s there upon arrival.

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